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Hi Cesar, my name is Cubby.   It started out as Gulliver, but was changed to Oliver.   Now it's Cubby - because this is my third home now, and I look like a bear cub!   I live in Oxnard now, but came from further south.  

I am hoping you can help me distinguish between a meal and a small dog.   Some small dogs look like opossums.   Those are tasty little critters!   I'm also hoping you can help me trust other dogs.  

I was abandoned with my friend in the back yard of our home - or what we thought was our home.   We figured our family would come back and get us as soon as they got settled.   But we didn't see any people for almost 2 months.   Finally the neighbors realized our people were not going to return, and called animal control.  I thought 'animal control' was MY job!   Neither one of us was a barker.   Evidently, being quiet was to our detriment.   Good thing we had water since the house people didn't want the lawn to die and left the sprinklers on!   I wish they liked us as much as their lawn...

They say my friend was adopted shortly after we went to the pound - lucky dog.  

No one wanted me because I was too big and fluffy.   That's right - I'm not fat, I'm fluffy!!!   Well, at least back then I wasn't fat, because I was starving!    I stayed at the pound for almost 6 mos.    The volunteers there liked me so much that they convinced the warden to pardon me every time my number came up.   I'm not sure what I needed to be pardoned for.   Heck, I was just doing my job devouring all those varmits in that back yard.   Also, I was just trying to stay alive, after my family moved away and stopped feeding us.   Hey - I can swallow a whole mouse in one gulp!!!   My new mom was horrified ...

Finally the warden said no more pardons.   So the volunteers scrambled to find a rescue to take me.   Critters Rescue came and got me, and put me in a foster home.   But my new foster people returned me because I would eat everything in sight.   I have to admit, I'm a ravenous eater and I did put on a few pounds.   But I'm down to about 130 now!

Critters Rescue kept me at a dog kennel (for about 6 mos) until my Angel arrived.   REALLY!!!   You can see us on YouTube.   She's so white the camera can barely focus on her LOL!!!   You can also see my older adopted sister, Kazi.   She crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Leap Year day. But boy, was she a control freak!   During the whole two hour ride home from Critters Rescue, Kazi stood in the back of the SUV and never once laid down.

Angel, my forever mom, had a Rottweiler named Wooby, who had gone to heaven, so that left a place for me.  She has been adopting homeless Rottweilers since 1988.   But I'm not a Rottie.  

Because of my awesome mane, as well as my independent and stubborn nature, and nocturnal hunting, my Angel thinks I'm a Tibetan Mastiff who had his tail cut off.   Just take a look at my beautiful mane!   Here's me getting groomed...


I'm getting old now, and I'd like to have some doggie friends before I cross the Rainbow Bridge.   But I have such anxiety from being in the pound for so long with so many barking dogs, so it's hard for me to trust them.   I know there are good dogs out there.   But my nervousness makes them suspicious of me.  Good thing I'm so big or I'd be a gone'r!  

I also don't trust people now when its dark outside.   I'm concerned that someone will take my mom, so I lunge when people get too near her.  She's smaller than me so I know it would be easy for someone to steal her.   I will not let that happen!!!  

My mom had me work with 2 different trainers.   The first one didn't seem to want to bring her dog by us, to help me change my demeanor and become comfortable around other dogs.   I think she didn't trust my mom to keep me from eating the little guy.   But what the trainer did not know was that my mom was used to walking 2 Rotties - that's 220 lbs of dog!!! So her little dog was never in danger with my mom there. The second trainer would meet us at the dog park, but he had other issues and left.  We have not been back there since...

My mom wants to be able to take me to nursing homes, so people could pet me.   I look like a teddy bear and my fur is really soft, so I'm sure I'll get lots of hugs!   My gramma is in one of those homes.   I would like to visit.   Actually, I would love all the attention!

One day, when my gramma used to live with us, her visitors let me slip out the front door.   I saw what I thought was a mobile meal - a giant opossum? Uh oh! Oh no - a white dog!!!      Here she is at the vet, but let me warn you - it's not pretty...


Good thing her owner is a big strong guy   - in fact he is a veteran!   He stopped me from hurting her too badly.  Unfortunately, my prey drive set in and the poor white dog ended up with numerous puncture wounds. :(
Between the city fine, the impound fee, and the vet bill, that incident set my mom back a little over $2000.   That was the money she had been saving to pay the property tax bill.  

If that wasn't enough stress on my mom, my gramma was in the hospital three times last year.   Then she went to a skilled nursing home.   I miss gramma.    She used to forget and feed me several times per day! Anyway, it's a good thing I'm a lazy dog (when I'm not hunting), or my poor mom would really be frazzled.  

Cesar, would you and Junior be able to help me? I want to be able to go everywhere with my mom just like all her Rottweilers did!   She would like that very very much...   You can send an email to my name at or call the number on the card she gave you.