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Love your dog AND your yard too!

You can have a beautiful yard EVEN if you have several large dogs. The trick is understanding dog behavior, and working around it to create an attractive landscape design that is virtually indestructible. When confined, dogs often exhibit the following behaviors:

              • pacing
              • digging
              • jumping

Pacing usually occurs because dogs are designed to move forward. When the area they are confined to is not large enough, the dog will reverse direction and continue. This continuous wear and tear will create compacted pathways which are unsuitable for growing plants and grass.

Digging occurs when the dog identifies a scent under the surface of the ground, maybe from another animal or from a formerly buried treat. Dogs use their noses like humans use their eyes. When you see something that attracts you, you want to get closer. In order to get closer to a scent which is under the ground, the dog digs it up. The only solution is to have a yard free from scents that attract dogs.

Fence jumping occurs for two reasons. 1) Simply because the dog knows he can, and 2) he wants to get to whatever is on the other side. We suggest solid fences with no open areas. This way the scent comes from above which will cause the dog to sniff upwards. Most breeds will respect barriers unless they are taught how not to. Simply, don't let your dog know he is able to jump! Of course if he trains for agility competitions, this will not work for you.

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